Trends in Business Analysis

Every year, technology plays an important role in the way we interact. In addition to interpersonal communication, it also manages to change the way we do business.

In effect, the way we analyse businesses and business processes is bound to change. Here are a few key areas where we expect to witness a significant shift, thanks to emerging technologies:

The impact of Big Data

As businesses scale to billion dollar plus valuations, so do the number of clients and customers that transact with them. In a stiffly competitive market, how does a business manage to have an edge over its competitors? The answer has been business intelligence, and such catchy buzzwords for a few years now.

The current answer, though, seems to lie in Big Data. In addition to being a lucrative segment of the enterprise, Big Data is also at the forefront of investments by major corporations that seek to make sense of the enormous amount of data their businesses generate.

According to a post in Data Varsity, “From CRM to sales, predictive analytics and next generation Business Intelligence are set to upset the apple cart in a big way.”

The emergence of devices

It’s a known fact. Most individuals in areas that matter, have multiple devices. Even you, for instance, are either seeing this on a laptop while you’re at work, or potentially on a smartphone that is internet enabled, or may be even on tablet in your leisure time.

BYOD has been a buzzword in the industry for a long time. But to have a better understanding, read through this report by McKinsey.


I’ll continue to share my learnings with you as I discover more. Share your comments in the section below.


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