Six Sigma Methodology

Six Sigma has two major method studies that are put to use in various areas. They consists of five phases each, bear the acronyms DMAIC and DMADV.

We will look at  DMAIC, which stands for Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and control.These five phases are interconnected and this methodology is generally used to improve upon an existing business process or products.



As described in the image above, DMAIC has a step by step procedure on how to go about improving upon an already existing product or process. Each phase has a set of tools by using which you can accomplish the objective of each step described above.


Define:  The purpose of the Define phase in DMAIC is to clearly define the problem statement, the goals, the scope and the project timeline.This phase helps in identifying the Voice of the customer and project goals.

Measure: In this phase the gap between the current performance and required performance is measured. The purpose of this phase is to make customer requirements  clear and measurable.

Analyze: In this phase the data is analyzed, to determine if a relationship between them exists . This phase also helps to identify, validate and determine factors of influence that needs to be adjusted or eliminated.

Improve: In this phase we optimize the current process based upon data analysis.Once we identify the problem in define we can go about implementing and verifying the best solution to the problem.

Control: The purpose of control phase is to sustain the achieved results in the new process. This phase prevents the problems from re-occurring.We can use various tools to continuously monitor the process, this is done till the desired level of quality is reached.

Stay tuned for the next post on DMADV.


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