Six Sigma DMADV Methodology

This methodology is mainly used when a new product or process is to be created.It can also be used when an existing product or process exists and has been optimized (using either DMAIC or not) and still does not meet the level of customer specification or Six Sigma level.


The various stages in DMADV are as follows

Define : Define the project goals and the customer both internal and external deliverables. We only focus on the most important of the customer needs and these are determined using historical information, customer feedback etc.

Measure: Measure and define the customer needs and specifications.In this stage data is collected and analyzed to see how it drives the rest of the process or product.

Analyze: In this stage the result of the finished product or service is tested to create a model for improvement.We use data here to analyze and identify areas of adjustment within the processes that will deliver improvement to either the quality or manufacturing process of a finished product or process.

Design: A new and improved product or process is designed and tested.Customer feedback is to be taken into account before releasing the final product or process.

Verify: The last stage of the methodology is continuous in that just as the product is rolled out , customer needs and feedback is sought after based on which the product or process is adjusted.


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